Recently (in the last year or so), I have become quite enthralled in the process of beer brewing. This has not only led into wine making but also other DIY projects. Just last week I made my first attempt at making homemade ginger ale! With all this being said let me introduce you to the new section of MattErickson.ME. The Homemade/DIY Section (that doesn’t include coding).

Although, I know this is very different from coding and software they aren’t far from the same. I say this, and believe it, because what drives me most about my job is the creation, I get to take nothing and build something. It is my empty canvas (art, not HTML5 :P), it is my winding road, it is my cutting board.

So, here is where I would like to share my experiences with you and document fun, new ideas that you may someday like to try as well!