Early Life:

I grew up in (White Bear Lake, MN)[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Bear_Lake,_Minnesota] where I attended White Bear Lake Area High School. While there I played tennis all four years and I graduated in May, 2007.

CSS (College of St Scholastica):

When it was time to go off and get an education, I headed for the frozen north and the (College of St. Scholastica)[http://css.edu/]. I had chosen CSS because I was looking for a small private school, they had given me generous scholarships, and I was recruited to play Division III tennis. I started as a pre-medicine student but after the classes lost their allure I was advised to try out marketing/advertising. Well I was hooked right away and I knew what I wanted to do. In the small amount of free time that school and tennis allowed me, I joined the CSS Computer Club, where I met Matt. I served under Matt as the club’s Minister of Propganda and helped Matt to radically change the club for the better.

The Real World

After graduation, I had to face the music and start acting like a functioning adult. I began with an internship, at (Cortec Corportaion)[http://www.cortecvci.com], in my hometown which turned into a full-time job. I have continued to work there as a Marketing Assistant, writing print materials and planning trade show appearances.

For Fun:

I love hanging out with my girlfriend, Jackie. We cook, go to concerts spend a lot of fun time with friends and family. I also love discovering new music and odd food, camping with the Boy Scout troop I’m involved with, and of course playing tennis.