Hello World!

Get it?

…It’s a programming joke…

…you know…like the first program you learn to write?

Sheesh, rough crowd.

As you may already have read in Matt’s most recent post, I’m the new guy around this site. My name is Tucker, I work in marketing/advertising as a jack-of-all-trades from copywriting to event planning. I’ve always been interested in technology and tinkering around but rather than learn cool computer stuff in college, I chose to take philosophy classes and play tennis.

Nice to meet you too.

So the background behind this collaboration is pretty straightforward, Matt and I have been buddies for a little while now and I am always pestering him with questions like: ‘I want to learn coding, how do I do it?” or, ‘What language should I learn?” or even, ‘Does this rash look contagious?” After a while he said, ‘Hey why don’t you post on my blog? That way you can document your learning, and I can help you as well as anyone else who reads it.” That’s our Matt, always looking to help others.

Well I said, ‘Hey that sounds keen!” Or something like that, and now you get to watch Matt and me transform the caterpillar that is my extremely limited and rudimentary coding knowledge into a beautiful coding butterfly. I hope watching me struggle through coding is informative or, at the very least, entertaining for you.

Have a safe weekend! (TC)