I am getting married!!!! Not even too far off too, August 15th 2014. Lauren and I have been dating now for about 5 years and engaged for about 1. Here is the story, as told by Lauren,

When it happened Friday, June 21, 2013

How we got engaged (told from Lauren’s perspective)

After moving back to Minnesota, Matt and I hoped to squeeze in a quick trip to California before Matt started his new job at Hallmark Business Connections. Since I was busy planning the road trip home, I asked Matt to take care of planning the vacation. Little did I know, Matt was about to take that responsibility and run with it. As the date of the trip grew closer, little bits of information slipped out and eventually Matt had to come clean with me. He brought me out to the garage where there were four little books: travel guides for France and Italy and two pocket dictionaries. I couldn’t believe it! Matt actually pulled off a surprise! And it was the best one of my life-well, maybe the second best.. I quickly brushed up my French, packed a bag, and we were off! On the second day, we were scheduled to take a private scooter tour of Paris and Montmarte. The day came, and there was rain in the forecast so Matt started acting wonky and blamed it in being nervous about driving a scooter on the slick cobblestone roads of Paris. Lucky for us, the rain held off until later in the day so our tour guide, Pablo (best tour guide ever by the way) arrived promptly at 9 am and started taking us around Montmarte. We stopped at the Moulin Rouge, the I Love You wall, and Les Deux Moulins (a cafe made famous in Amelie) before winding up the hill to the Sacre Coeur. As we were walking up the steps to the beautiful cathedral, Matt fell back and started whispering something to Pablo. This was a bit suspicious, but we got to the top of the stairs and just curved off to the left to a little gelato restaurant. Pablo said he was going to bring our helmets back to the bikes because there was a lot to see in this area so we wouldn’t need them for a while. He came back carrying our backpack and with the excuse that there wasn’t room for it in the storage compartments with the helmets. I completely fell for it. Matt quickly snatched it up and we took our gelato back over by the steps of the cathedral.. At this point, Matt started mumbling something about playing a game and how ‘never has he ever loved someone so much.” He opened up the backpack, pulled out a lumpy sock, got down on his knee and asked me to marry him (IN FRENCH!). I was ecstatic - definitely way too excited to pose for pictures! Of course I said yes and a group of students on a field trip burst into applause. From there on out, Pablo sounded like an adult from the Peanuts cartoon because I was so euphoric. Even though I may not remember much of what he said, but I will absolutely never forget that day (or the rest of the trip of course).

To avoid being SUPER verbose about it all the real reason behind this post is about the cool ring Lauren found me! It is made by a gentleman in Wisconsin that markets under (Wedgewood Rings)[http://www.wedgewoodrings.com/]. The rings are reasonably priced and he sells via etsy ((their etsy shop here)[https://www.etsy.com/shop/WedgewoodRings]) so they are backed with a good platform of feedback. I received mine in the mail yesterday and I am stunned. It is perfect.

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