Long time, no talk, internet! Recently, we have been extremely busy at work getting market ready launch of a new product ‘redeem.’ Leaving me very little time to write about anything (in a blog sense, plenty of coding). I have plenty to say and very limited time to say it in.

1) Google api v1/2 shut down on the 17th. I inherited a site dev for a nation wide in home computer repair company. It is a bit on the academic side of structure and code but it works. I have since converted much of it to PDO (php) and angular. Well there was also a framework living in the depths, Zend, which internally uses(d) Google api v2. See the tie back now? 48, grueling, hours later the site now uses Google api v3 in native php.

2) I have stepped into a role as a go to front end dev in angular, js and css/less. Which is more about teaching and less about coding, meaning I should NOT forgo ‘useless” Jasmine tests I did. Market ready, as I mentioned is this release. Code freeze is today. 20 units over our average and we made it. Now bug fun. Hopefully I will be able to take a breath of this harsh early winter Minnesota had served up.

Sorry for the lack of sweet code. I will follow-up shortly with a blur model update directive in angular when I get a minute, not on my phone, to write a party.

Almost forgot! I have listened to a podcast that I have enjoyed, adventures in angular, if you haven’t heard of it, check it out, good information to be had.

Until next time,