Sorting and Searching

Sample questions

  • Sorting search results on a page given a certain set of criteria.
  • Sort a list of numbers in which each number is at a distance K from its actual position.
  • Given an array of integers, sort the array so that all odd indexes are greater than the even indexes.
  • Given users with locations in a list and a logged-in user with locations, find their travel buddies (people who shared more than half of your locations).
  • Search for an element in a sorted and rotated array.
  • Sort a list where each element is no more than k positions away from its sorted position.
  • Merge two sorted lists together.
  • Give 3 distinct algorithms to find the K largest values in a list of N items.
  • Find the minimum element in a sorted rotated array in faster than O(n) time.
  • Write a function that takes a number as input and outputs the biggest number with the same set of digits.
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