Tech Interview Handbook

Carefully curated content to help you ace your next technical interview

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Why Tech Interview Handbook?

From Zero to Hero

Go from zero to tech interview hero with this handbook. No prior interview experience needed.

Curated Practice Questions

No one has time to practice a few hundred LeetCode questions. We tell you which are the best questions to practice.

Interview Cheatsheet

Straight-to-the-point Do's and Don'ts during an interview. Knowing these, the battle is already half won.

Practical Algorithm Tips

Practical tips for every algorithm topic - common techniques and corner cases to look out for.

Behavioral Questions

Check out what behavioral questions companies commonly ask and you can prepare your answers ahead of time.

Tested and Proven

Countless engineers have gotten their dream jobs with its help.

Success Stories

"Preparing for my first rounds of tech interviews was really daunting - I wasn't sure what to expect and where to start. This handbook together with the Front End Interview Handbook was a great starting point for me. It clearly describes each part of the process and has tons of awesome tips and resources. With this handbook and lots of practice, I managed to get offers from Facebook, Dropbox and Amazon!"

Erin Teo

Front End Engineer, Facebook

"Most of us are familiar with having the prospect of having to grind tons of LeetCode problems before the interview, but I really wanted a sense of direction, an outline of sorts to prepare efficiently; I wanted to pick questions that covered all the important concepts one can be tested on. The Tech Interview Handbook provides just that; the Algorithms section was an absolutely invaluable resource and a great overall reference to brush up my fundamentals with the helpful hints and tips provided, and also solve some of the most popular questions categorized by type. I certainly have Yangshun to thank for helping me land my dream job at Google!"

Siddhesh Karekar

Software Engineer, Google

"The Tech Interview Handbook played a crucial role in the success of my previous job search. The contents are carefully curated and well organized. It served as an excellent roadmap for my interview prep.

In addition to the thorough Data Structures and Algorithms section, the handbook also provides a lot of resources on other aspects of the application process that helped me see the tech interviews in a more holistic way. My favorite non-technical part was "Questions To Ask"! I used quite a few insightful questions from there to challenge and impress my interviewers. The results were great!

With the help of Tech Interview Handbook, I was able to land offers from Google, Amazon, Uber and several other great companies. Really appreciate Yangshun and other contributors for putting out such quality content for the community. I'd wholeheartedly recommend this handbook to anyone!"

Kevin Huang

Software Engineer, Uber

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