Staying in touch with old coworkers and employers

A few days back I was contacted by an old coworker that I used to work with at a company who, since my departure, had taken a turn for the worse and closed their doors. Well, at least that is the last I had heard. One of the founding investors was trying to revive the idea/company and wanted to bring me back on as a consultant. I was thrilled at the idea to help out and said I would help in any way I could.

Keep Any Documentation that is Legally available to you

During this phone conversation I have/was referring to many of the documents that I had written during my tenure at the company to remind myself of the ideas and the processes that I was building. These documents have proven to be invaluble to both myself and the now newly running company


  • Resume boosters: what company will look poorly on you helping out a past employer (no need to mention compensation)
  • References: the better info you share the better they will think about you later, even if it is just a bar talk with someone you will some day meet…
  • Care: where you work and who you work for should matter to you even AFTER you work there
  • Money: most of the time they will pay you well