Sup?! Over the past few weeks/months I have been incredibly busy, as you can probably guess from my lack of attention to this site. That doesn’t, however, translate into getting nothing done. My

GitHub account tells a different story. As does my BitBucket account but that one is where I host all my private repos, sorry.


Angular I have immersed myself in the javascript culture, community and life. It has been eye-opening to the patterns, problems and struggles that are out there. Beyond just writing angular I have taken a shine to UX creation. The patterns and ideas behind UX fascinate me. It is a very soft… and hard science. It deals with how you feel about the page, how you interact with it, what this color, transition, spacing does to your person. But on the other end of the spectrum these ‘feelings’ don’t just get measured by your warm and fuzzies, they must be calculated to decide if what you are presenting is working. Depending on the platform that can be in orders placed, clicks into links, or time on a page.


Yes, software. Did you expect anything less vague? I have created software for less than 10 years now and my understanding has changed immensely. I still remember struggling with a shuffle algorithm for a blackjack game I wrote in college, now i would just do a `gem install cards`, kidding, but not entirely. Software in academia is very different then that of the real world. You don’t need to beat the horse to show that you know how to implement a stack, a queue, a list and all there related functions. Usually you don’t need to think about how your `O(n)` will turn out for this function or how performant your sql query will be. There is scoping around everything. If you have an admin page that takes 10 seconds to run a giant query for all payroll reports but the corner office wants that report all at once, you make it so.

Adventures in Angular

AiA I know I have mentioned it before but, man,

Adventures in Angular, nerdy or not, is really fun to listen to. I wish there were more. I listen to one on the way to work and one on the way home which usually ends up depleting my stash of things to listen to very quickly.