Standing in a room, asking myself the three question

  1. What did I do yesterday?
  2. What will I do today?
  3. What is something in my way?

Here is how the team I am on was doing this.

  1. I worked on my user story about the admin security yesterday
  2. I am going to work on that story today
  3. Nothing is blocking me from getting that done

What is wrong here? Seemingly nothing, they answered the question, didn’t they? The question is this, what value did i provide to the rest of the team? Does the business owner know anything about what I am doing? I mean, we wrote the story together… They knew the challenges that I may be faced with… We sized the story together they know about how long it should take me, right? Well, here is the thing, the moving parts of this team don’t always know about the other moving parts. Everyone has things they are doing. Everyone has priorities and tasks every day. If you can provide me with any nugget of information; how far are you along? what have you seen? did you learn something new yesterday/today? The ownest is on each person in the room to ask questions, be engaged. The stand up is not intended to be a status meeting or, worse yet, a weather report! Your status should help the people next to you so they know how you are doing, what you are doing and if they should be helping or leaving you alone to work.