Since I have started homebrewing there has been one thing that I don’t like. Bottling. Cleaning, sanitizing, adding sugar, bottling, capping, waiting… oh the waiting! I hated it.

Recently I received 4 sanke kegs, tubing, and a 6 port manifold from my uncle, Dazzling Dave… who received it from my OTHER uncle Pete who owns Detello’s Pizza & Pasta.

The problem I had was that the keg’s spears did not have the retaining rings/clips. Luckily after some internet searches and searching I found a 5 pack of retaining rings on amazon. Cheap enough and works perfectly, there is a bit of finagling to get the sanke fittings to sit correctly with them but c’est la vie.

For reference I will share what my steps were in cleaning and filling.

  • Remove spears
  • Soak spears and kegs in clean water with oxyclean for a few (3-4) hours
  • Dump and rinse thoroughly
  • Sanitize however you see fit
  • Run BLC through any lines that would touch the beverages
  • Sanitize lines
  • Siphon beer into kegs
  • Chill and fit spear, C02, and tap lines
  • Turn on C02 to your preferred carbing pressure
  • Enjoy sanke keg beer

Kegs in the fridge