Good News!

My wife and I are expecting a new little kiddo in Feb! Quinn is very excited, we are very excited.

New Kid, New Car Seat

We want to get a new car seat as the last one wasn’t super easy to get in/out of for the kiddo. We decided on our price range, we looked at features, we wanted to stay in Graco brand due to the fact that we have multiple bases for the car already. So we started our search… No, just no.

Graco, WTH

Graco seemingly arbitrary requirements around how they make car seats. They seem to never remove a car seat from their lineup, they just keep making new ones with slightly different features (or just colors, i guess?). We decided to pick one line that fit our needs. The SnugRide car seat, apparently that wasn’t specific enough. So we decided the SnugRide 35 fit our needs best. Still not quite… SnugRide SnugLock 35. There we go, that is close enough to find 2-3… Nooope, Still not close enough. So we made a spreadsheet because we like spreadsheets and making decisions based on data.

In the end there were a few that fit our needs best but this is the criteria and the sheet that we used. Hopefully our research will help someone out in the future.


We bought the Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 DLX because it best fit our family’s needs.