Recently I decided I was going to look into a simple app that I wanted to build. The app for a first pass will be a simple angular/slim php backed app that will use a smartphone’s camera capabilities. The idea behind the application would be that as your day goes on you want to track all the things you eat. We all know the jig, get out the phone, boot an app, enter some arbitrary feeling information on your food you are about to eat. Well that is where I am going to attempt to differentiate, I want just a simple snap-shot picture. Take a picture and chow on! Heck, share it on instagram anyway, why not upload it to my server too? That’s it. The point of it is that each day you can see the amount and what you consumed. I believe the barrierless feel of it will make it easier to use than many ‘health” tracking apps.

From this point in the game I am architecting how my database is structured and planning out the implementation details. I am most likely going to host the code in a public repo on github because I feel this idea isn’t revolutionary, just unique. The easier I am able to make it the better off I will be in the long run. Of course, I will be withholding specific pieces of information like database passwords and adsense pieces.

Food.Eat GitHub Repo