Andover HS

I grew up in Andover, MN. Attended Andover High School, played soccer, ran track.

CSS (College of St Scholastica)

I chose to attend the College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota, based on a generous academic scholarship and an opportunity to play DIII soccer. After the first two days of practice and a morning 5K, I got confronted with a life-altering challenge. Both of my hip joints were literally being torn apart by bone that had built up at the top of my femurs, requiring immediate surgery to avoid further damage to my hips. Although this was difficult for me when, this circumstance set me up for a completely different and positive course around technology. After taking Network Security and Telecommunications, I got hooked. Computer Information Systems was what I was going to study. I followed this path with passion and got elected St Scholastica Computer Club president, growing active membership from 8 to 30-plus and establishing to new alliances with Vineyard College Gamers and the University of Minnesota-Duluth Computer Club.



Another highlight of my college years came through collaboration with my high school friend, Chad Olsen. We merged my technological savvy and his business idea to create a company based on a mobile application – thus, ByME was born. Over the span of three years, I gave a great deal of time and creative energy in leading a small team of programmers to design and construct this successful product.


After graduation and a farewell to family and friends, I set off to Boston, Massachusetts, having accepted a job at a small mobile application development company. Although this position only lasted six months, due to the organization’s financial collapse, I learned a lot about programming and professionalism in the face of tough circumstances. From this job, I transitioned with relative ease to my current employer.

Vecna Technologies

Vecna is a leading provider of health care IT and robotics. Here, I am a Software Engineer, where every employee is held to the highest standards and definitive timelines. I appreciate that my knowledge is constantly growing and put to the test, as part of a team responsible for development of the insurance module of a Patient Self-Service Portal installed in medical centers across the United States. My solution-oriented style of leadership and humor in the face of difficulties can be enjoyed by my managers and peers, alike.


I love hanging out with my wife, Lauren, and our dogs, Fenway and Wrigley. We cook, play fantasy sports, go to ball games, dog parks, concerts and bowling allies and spend great times with friends.